ILSA, the first private Spanish high-speed train operator, has announced that it will start operating its trains in March 2023 between Malaga, Sevilla and Madrid.

Private high-speed train operator Iryo will join Renfe and Ouigo on the Spanish high-speed rail network from November 25 onwards, with the Madrid-Andalucia corridor forecast from March 2023.

The company’s forecast from March 2023 is to offer 12 daily trains between Sevilla and Madrid (Madrid-Cordoba-Sevilla-Madrid) and 10 daily trains between Malaga and Madrid (Madrid-Cordoba-Malaga-Madrid).

As of November of this year, 32 daily trains are expected to operate between Madrid and Barcelona, 11 daily trains between Zaragoza and Madrid and 11 daily trains between Zaragoza and Barcelona.

In December 2022 it is expected to offer services between Madrid and Valencia

In February of this year, the company presented its bright red trains at the Santa Justa station in Sevilla and announced that IRYO expects to generate 660 jobs in Andalusia and its forecast is to attract more than 2.5 million passengers.


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