GÖTHEBORG of Sweden, considered one of the largest classic wooden sailboats in the world, has sailed into Malaga port.

Moored at dock number one within the facilities of the Marina de Megayates, this three-masted Swedish-flagged sailing ship arrived yesterday, Thursday September 15, from Lisbon and is scheduled to remain in Malaga waters until next Monday, September 19.

The magnificent vessel is a to-scale replica of an 18th Century Swedish East Indiaman Götheborg I trading boat. The ship originally carried tea, porcelain, silk and herbs to Sweden from China, with tea being the most important cargo.

The original sailboat sank in 1745 just outside the harbour of Gothenburg.

Built in 2005, this 47-meter sailing ship is made of oak and pine wood, maintaining all the facilities of the nineteenth-century ships, with a crew of 70 on board to manage all elements of sailing.

Following in the historic footsteps of the original ship from the 18th century, the purpose of the expedition is to promote trade relations in Europe and Asia.

On an expedition that began on June 8 of this year in the city that gives its name to this ship, the Götheborg will sail to China on a long voyage that will last until 2023.

Specifically, the ship will sail in Europe in 2022, remain in the Mediterranean during the winter, and continue to Asia in March 2023.

In September 2023, the ship will reach the expedition’s end destination Shanghai.

Anyone who wishes to visit this magnificent vessel whilst it is docked in Malaga can do so until Sunday for just €15 for adults and €7.5 for children from 5 to 16 years. Children under 5 years old will be able to embark for free.


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