Winter is coming, but Spain can expect it to be warmer and drier than usual.

Autumn officially starts today (September 23) and weather experts have warned the upcoming cooler months will be warmer than usual across the entire country.

It comes after the country sweltered through the most torrid summer since 1961. 

It will be warmer along the Mediterranean coast, with the Balearic islands set to be the balmiest location.

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Spain will get a warmer winter than usual this year, weather experts warn. Photo: Jeanne Accorsini / Sipa Press

It will also rain less along Spain’s Iberian peninsula. 

The average temperature for June, July and August this year in Spain was 24 degrees celsius, 2.2 degrees more than the usual average.

So far this year it has been extremely hot. The Vega Baja region saw thermometers hit a scorching 46.2 degrees in the San Bartoleme area of Orihuela City.

There are only 11 instances of temperatures recorded in Spain that have been hotter. It was the highest since official records started in the Vega Baja in 1927, beating the previous high of 45.7 degrees recorded in Orihuela City on July 4, 1994.

The record temperature in Spain remains a blistering 47.3 degrees, recorded in Montorro, Cordoba on July 13, five years ago. That is relatively cool compared to the official highest temperature on Earth of 56.7 °C recorded on July 10, 1913 at Furnace Creek Ranch, in Death Valley in the United States.


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