SPAIN is planning to issue “digital nomad” visas to British citizens and foreigners outside the EU who wish to work remotely while enjoying the country’s summery weather.

However, the visa will only be given to people who work remotely from companies outside Spain and who derive a maximum of 20% of their income from Spanish firms.

The law has not yet been passed, but if it does it is expected it will allow digital nomads to stay in Spain for up to a year.

Flexible Working
Spain plans digital nomad visa to attract remote workers. Image Cordon Press.

Applicants to the scheme must be able to show evidence that they have been working at least a year remotely, and they must be able to demonstrate a contract of employment from a company outside Spain.

They must also be able to show evidence that they will have enough funds to live, and proof of an address in Spain.

It is not clear if they would need to show their criminal records to get the visa.

Spain would join 15 other European countries that already offer digital nomad visas – but each country has its own set of conditions.

For example, Greece offers residency of one to three years for digital nomads with a monthly income of at least €3,500.


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  1. Bad idea. Countries & cities with these ‘nomads’ are already squeezing out the locals & residents due to rent increases. There is already a shortage of rental housing–this will make the crisis worse. They will not be paying resident taxes like everyone else & they will not be spending all the money in restaurants and bars that the government envisions. It will be a mistake.

    Location : Malaga

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