A MAN due to stand trial for ‘exhibitionism’ was turned away from court when he arrived totally naked.

Alejandro Colomar, 29, was due to appeal a fine handed to him for walking around Valencia without a stitch on.

But when he tried to enter the court, Guardia Civil turned him away.

Then Policia Nacional told him that if he did not put on his clothes, he would get another fine.

“I have been to nudist beaches since I was little and I have never had any problem with nudity. One day I discovered that it was legal to be naked and I started to do it,” said 

Colomar to the press minutes after being stopped by police.

His lawyer also spoke to the press: “ I understand that being naked is exercising ideological freedom. Since 1988, there has been a legal vacuum with regard to nudism and the local authorities are responsible for legislating. But most do not have a law. That’s why we think that being fined is illegal.”

It is not the first time that Colomar has been fined. He was previously sanctioned for entering a police station naked.

The trial was lost in the first instance, but he has appealed to the Supreme Court.


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