Sickening footage has emerged of an alleged bouncer in Puerto Banus kicking a man’s head as he lay helpless on the ground. 

The video sent to the Olive Press on Thursday showed two men dressed in all black beating the victim on the street at the Puerto Banus harbour. 

One man is on the ground with the victim and beating him in the face, while the man standing up lays two punches into the victim’s back. 

The disturbing video was sent to the Olive Press.

The second man then kicked the victim five times in the back of the head, triggering his colleague to stand up and push him away. 

People can be heard screaming out in the background, “HEY, HEY,” as they looked on in horror.

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A man dressed in all black kicked the victim five times in the back of the head.

The victim laid motionless on the ground after the shocking attack, where people can then be seen running to his aid from all different directions.

It’s the latest incident in a series of bouncer brutalities this year. 

In August another video showed multiple muscular men forcefully pushing a group of British women outside Lemmon in the glitzy resort of Marbella. 

The men could be seen lifting the women into the air and then shoving them to the ground.

British man Tobias White-Sansom died after he was allegedly beaten up by bouncers outside Boomerang club in Mallorca on July 26. 

A bouncer allegedly knelt on the 35-year-old father-of-two as he begged for his life.

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The incident happened at the Puerto Banus harbour.

In Alicante, police arrested a nightclub bouncer for beating and stabbing a man. 

Following complaints about the man’s behaviour inside the club the 31-year-old doorman allegedly grabbed him by the neck and removed him from the premises in a semi-conscious state. 

The man allegedly lunged at the bouncer, who responded with a series of punches, as well as stabbing him. 

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