SHINE is a British primary school based in Mijas that offers unique and forward-thinking learning experiences. This is a safe space where your child’s curiosity and excitement will be encouraged with carefully designed projects which are themed around global and interesting topics within The International Primary Curriculum.

What makes SHINE stand out is its open, welcoming, and personal approach toward each individual student’s learning, helping them to grow up to be this generation’s bright future. The school approaches the English National Curriculum with creativity, focusing on project-based learning, crafted to stimulate the children’s excitement to learn.

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SHINE is not a traditional primary school in either its approach or its environment. Current educational thinking is at the heart of the SHINE team’s work, and they acknowledge the importance of thinking outside the box and remaining mindful of the impact the educational experiences they provide will have on your children. As well as stretching children academically, they pave the way towards personal growth, self-esteem and confidence as well as towards becoming contributing members of our international community.

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Family, whatever its size or shape, is of huge importance at SHINE. The staff work alongside parents, always listening and providing guidance where appropriate, to ensure the highest quality experiences for all the children and their families.

The SHINE team is extremely proud of the work they do and the happiest of their children and would be delighted to invite you to visit and experience a true SHINE welcome.

Please contact us to arrange a visit and learn more about how we can help you all to SHINE.

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