A missing 67-year-old Canadian man, Scott Graham, has been found dead in the Madrid area.

The news came from the Victoria Police Department in Canada.

They said Madrid police had described his death as ‘non-suspicious’ but did not say where he was found.

As previously reported by the Olive Press, Scott Graham from Victoria was touring the country in mid-July after visiting friends in the Netherlands.

Graham was a kidney transplant recipient and had gone to the Canadian embassy in Madrid on July 15 for help after losing his bag during a coach journey between Vigo and San Sebastian four days earlier.

His medication, which he needed to take daily and his passport were in the bag. 

He was supposed to fly home on July 29, but was not seen after his Canadian embassy visit.

In August, members of Graham’s family, including his daughter Georgia, travelled to Spain to help find him and she accused authorities of not treating his disappearance ‘seriously enough’.

Victoria police department spokesman, Bowen Osoko, said: “They’re pretty heartbroken their dad is gone.”

He added that police were able to locate and identify Scott’s body through the work done with his relatives.


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