THE thick fog which arrived yesterday, Thursday October 20, on the Costa del Sol will move off leaving clear skies in much of the province.

Low clouds and fog overshadowed the sky of Malaga yesterday, unfortunately, bar a few isolated showers in the north of the province, they didn’t provide the much needed rainfall.

It is expected that the fog banks will not be so persistent today Friday, October 21, although there will be low clouds and mist on the coast during the early hours of the day.

According to Spain’s Met office AEMET, intervals of cloudy skies are expected today, Friday, with predominantly high clouds.

Weak and occasional precipitation are not ruled out in the north of the province at the beginning of the day and minimum temperatures will decrease.

Maximum temperatures will remain unchanged or may even rise in the interior.

Winds will be variable and light, predominantly from the west on the coast.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the forecast for Saturday is clear skies, with some high clouds and maximum temperatures that will continue to range between 26ºC in Ronda and 29ºC in Velez-Malaga.

Sunday’s forecast will see a slight increase in cloud cover, however the province will remain without a trace of much needed rain.


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