SPAIN’S National Police have arrested a minor in Madrid who was passing himself off as an emergency doctor and was actually making house calls. He is even accused of renting an ambulance service with which he would make visits to patients. 

The facts of the case date back to August, according to news agency EFE, when the authorities were called to a possible psychiatric case in the Madrid satellite city of Móstoles. 

Suspicions of the police officers on the scene were raised by the behaviour of the supposed doctor, who one moment would act normally and then another would start being childish.

They reported him to the health authorities, who then began an investigation into the individual. He turned out to be a minor with no kind of medical qualifications.

According to the subsequent probe, the fake doctor would call the emergency services to ask if there were any emergency cases, which he would then take control of. The police reported that in one case he actually transferred a patient to a hospital and requested they be admitted for treatment.

Once the investigation had been completed, he was arrested at the end of September and released pending trial.

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