FIVE men have been arrested over sexually assaulting two women- one underage and British- at a Puerto Banus apartment.

Two of those detained are British and Irish nationals, along with a Moroccan, Iranian, and an underage Finnish citizen.

One of the victims was a British girl aged 16 and the other was a 20-year-old Lithuanian woman.

A friend of the British teenager contacted the Policia Nacional after getting a phone message which said where she was being held.

Several patrols rushed to the apartment on Sunday morning.

The gang would not open the door and one officer was injured as the men tried to resist.

Inside the property, police discovered the British teenager naked in bed and said to be ‘very scared’.

The Lithuanian victim was semi-naked and in a very disorientated state.

Three of the men escaped by jumping out of the window, with a 20-year-old British national breaking his ankle.

Extra police support units rounded them up close to the Oceans Club.

Two other males were found in the apartment including a 17-year-old Finnish minor who claimed not to know anybody and could not explain what he was doing there.

The victims were taken to hospital and said they could not remember much about their ordeal.

Police also discovered a machine gun and machete in the Puerto Banus property.


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