A Rockin’ Night in Velez-Malaga, with Axarkia Rocking will take place next Saturday, November 19, with a 100 strong rock band.

100% of the proceeds from the concert of this giant rock band will go the Red Cross.

The music ensembles, led by the director of the Velez-Málaga municipal music band of, Jose Antonio Lagos is formed by some 50 members of a municipal music band, who regularly perform classical pieces; 14 members of a youth choir, whose ages range from 12 to 18; a rock band and a handful of other local musicians who have willingly joined in.

In addition to the clarinets, trumpets, trombones, tubas, saxophones and percussion that make up the municipal band, Lagos will also have to direct electric guitars, bass and drums.

The musical repertoire will range from classical pieces like ‘La boda de Luis Alonso’ to hits from the legendary rock group Queen.

The concert will take place on a large stage, measuring 28 by 14 metres, in order to accommodate all the performers.


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