POLICE caught up with a man who allegedly posted videos on social media of himself driving different cars without a seatbelt through Malaga city roads.

The cyber crime unit of Malaga local police caught out the suspect after tracking his videos on a social media account that showed him breaking various driving laws.

After jumping onto his account they charged him with six counts of not wearing a seat-belt and six more instances of driving with one hand while filming with the other.

Police discovered the man had committed the crimes in various streets in the provincial capital.

These streets included Ramal Comandante García Morato, Avenida Manuel Alvar, Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado, Camino Guadalmar a La Loma, Avenida Comandante García Morato and Avenida Velázquez

Investigators found that the man was driving different company cars while filming the videos.

They have since passed his crimes to the prosecutor for charges to be pressed against him.

The investigation was just one of a growing number of crimes that are now happening online.

The cyber crime unit, formally called the Investigation and Protection Group, saw a 60% increase in this sort of offencs.

Many of these were in defiance of COVID-19 self-distancing rules during the pandemic.


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