A PRIVATE detective who is searching for missing rugby player Levi Davis in Barcelona has said that he has found ‘significant leads’ in the case. The 24-year-old, who was also a contestant on X Factor Celebrity, went missing in the Catalan capital on October 29 and has not been heard from since. 

Investigator Gavin Burrows and his firm, Line of Inquiry, have volunteered to help with the search for Davis, who used to play rugby for Bath. As part of their search, they have offered a £10,000 (€11,000) reward for any information about the disappearance.  

‘I’ve only recently just come to this, but we have got some significant leads, which we’re following up right now and locally,’ Burrows told GB News. 

The investigator paid particular focus to the ferry journey that Davis took from Ibiza to Barcelona. ‘He must have spoken to somebody on the ferry during that time. It was a seven-hour, eight-hour journey,’ he said on Saturday. 

‘??He must have spoken to somebody when he came to Barcelona or arranged to meet somebody in Barcelona. But that person’s never come forward,’ he added. ‘For the family’s sake, there must be someone out there who knows somebody.’

As the Olive Press revealed last week, the top-tier private investigator hired to track down missing X-Factor star Levi Davis has previously worked with a string of celebrities, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Levi Davis missing persons poster
The missing persons poster for Levi Davis.

Since Davis disappeared his passport was found near a port in Barcelona, according to his mother, Julie Davis. Last month, Davis revealed that her son’s bank card has not been used since he was last seen leaving an Irish pub in Barcelona on October 29.

The former rugby player was reported to have been suffering from depression before he disappeared. 

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