TORRENTIAL rain in Spain’s Extremadura region from Storm Efrain caused chaos on Tuesday, sweeping away part of a road in Caceres province due to the huge volume of water that passed underneath a bridge (see video below). 

The weather caused other roads to be closed, including the route linking the cities of Caceres and Badajoz. Meanwhile, homes had to be evacuated by the authorities in Zarza de Granadilla due to flooding. 

Around 750 incidents were reported to the authorities in Extremadura from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, according to the regional government, with some 355 of these due to the weather. 

In Salamanca province, in Spain’s Castilla y León region, a forest ranger aged 55 was killed when trying to cross a flooded river in Villarino de los Aires. The area had been on a yellow alert due to the heavy rainfall from Storm Efraín. The ranger is the first person to lose their life due to the storm. 

The heavy rain and winds are expected to continue in parts of Spain until the weekend, when milder conditions are forecast for Saturday. The bad weather, in particular the rain, could return on Sunday and continue into the rest of the week with rain forecast in the northwest of the country.

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