A FORMER lover of Spain’s King Juan Carlos I claims that she had to hire a former FBI agent to prove her innocence, after her financial dealings were put under the spotlight and her bank accounts blocked. That’s according to the last episode in the eight-part podcast, ‘Corinna and the King’. 

‘Everything in her name is flagged and frozen,’ the narrator of the audio series explains about the money problems that Corinna Larsen had once her five-year affair with the former monarch had come to an end. ‘Her cards stop working.’

Larsen, 57, claims that the former king ‘tried to destroy’ her and her family after she refused to get back together with him, leading to allegations of money laundering against her. 

The kiss-and-tell podcast has contained a series of bombshell revelations over the last several months from Larsen, who uses her married name of Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. 

These include her claims that Juan Carlos, who abdicated in 2014 amid a series of scandals, gave Larsen a huge engagement ring despite still being married to Queen Sofia, that he offered her the fake title of ‘Princess of Borbon’ if she were to become his wife, and that the king would return from trips ‘with bags of cash’. 

La Princesse Corinna Zu Sayn Wittgenstein Une Lumineuse Femme De L Ombre_5379501
Corinna Larsen in a file photo.

The self-styled emeritus king has been living in Abu Dhabi in self-imposed exile since 2020, when he left Spain due to mounting financial irregularities. 

In the last episode of the podcast, Larsen explains how she resorted to hiring a former FBI agent in a bid to prove her innocence. The probes, the podcast explains, were due to a €65 million gift she had received from Juan Carlos – she would have been open to money-laundering charges if she had started to feed the money back to him, as she claims he wanted her to do. 

‘Inappropriateness’ with daughter

The podcast also sheds further light on Juan Carlos’s infamous series of extra-marital affairs. In the penultimate episode Larsen claims that in 2019 ‘rumours started circulating about there being an inappropriateness’ involving Juan Carlos and her daughter, Anastasia Adkins who was aged just 23 at the time. The emeritus king was 81. 

Larsen is currently engaged in a legal battle with Juan Carlos in the High Court in London. In the civil suit, she claims that she was harassed and spied on by the emeritus king after their relationship ended over the return of the €65 million gift.

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