Spanish authorities have struck a blow against some of the worst narcotraffickers with the recent dismantling of a major heroin trafficking operation in the province of Málaga. 

In a coordinated effort between the Spanish National Police and the Guardia Civil, three individuals were arrested, and 14 kilograms of heroin were seized, along with two kilograms of caffeine, two kilograms of ephedrine, and a large sum of cash.

The operation, dubbed Cisne/Fismen/Fangor, was launched following intelligence that a network of drug traffickers based in Marbella and operating in the provinces of Cádiz and Córdoba was distributing large quantities of heroin throughout the country. 

A months-long investigation allowed authorities to identify the leader of the organisation, who was based in Marbella and responsible for coordinating shipments of the deadly drug. 

20221221 Foto Operacio?n Conjunta Copia
Police broke up a Marbella-based heroin trafficking ring which had been spreading the harmful drug around the streets of Spain. Credit: Policia Nacional

This individual had connections to a group based in the Netherlands that provided funding for the illegal enterprise and logistical support.

In addition to the leader, authorities were able to identify other key players within the network, including the ‘guardian’ who stored the drugs and the ‘transporter’ who carried out shipments using vehicles provided by the organisation. 

Authorities also identified several individuals performing auxiliary roles and numerous customers, some based in the province of Córdoba.

But the authorities didn’t stop there. In a bold operation, they intercepted a shipment of almost 14 kilograms of heroin that was en route from Marbella to Madrid and León to feed the habits of junkies there. 

This successful operation allowed authorities to not only seize a massive quantity of drugs and cash, but also to dismantle the entire criminal organisation, taking out the top players and disrupting their illicit activities. 


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