THE rains return to a large part of southern Spain.

After days of stable weather, sunshine and almost spring-like temperatures across most of Andalucia, there is an expected change in the weather forecast for today, Monday, January 2.

According to AEMET, the Spanish state meteorological agency, cloudy or overcast skies are forecast for today, Monday, with heavy rainfall extending from west to east, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms.

The western interior is also forecast to be blanketed by morning mist and fog.

It’s expected that the heavy rain will ease off in the western half of the region during the day and the mist will lift.

Maximum temperatures will remain unchanged on the Mediterranean coast, and decrease in other areas.

Meanwhile, minimum temperatures will rise slightly, specifically in the area of the Guadalquivir Valley.

The instability will, however, be short-lived with no rain expected in Andalucia tomorrow, Tuesday, where the day will start with low morning clouds, mist and fog on the Atlantic slope that will clear during the day.


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