THERE is much more to Malaga than nightlife and beaches with the province’s historic landmarks becoming must-visit attractions for many.

In fact, Malaga’s iconic monuments, the Dolmens (Antequera), the Roman Theatre (Malaga City), Acinipo (Ronda) and the Arab Baths (Malaga City) have received more than 523,500 visitors in ten months.

The Romero Theatre in Malaga continues to be the most visited of the Andalucian Network of Cultural Spaces in the province, with a total of 318,926 visitors between January and October, followed by the archaeological site of the Dolmens of Antequera, with 121,062.

Specifically, the Roman Theatre in the capital of the Costa del Sol tallied a total of 17,828 visitors in January; 24,332 in February; 24,845 in March and 36,183 in April.

In May there were 27,706 visitors to the Malaga coliseum; in June, 26,697; in July, 30,410; in August, 35,326; in September, 41,013 and a total of 54,586 in October, the month with the highest number of visits so far.

The Dolmens of Antequera had 7,374 visitors in January, 11,269 in February, 12,171 in March, 20,625 in April, 14,968 in May and 8,935 in June.

Additionally, July saw the site register 6,297 visitors; 9,940 in August; 10,344 in September and 19,139 in October.

Meanwhile the Arab Baths of Ronda were visited by a total of 68,955 people in the first ten months of 2022 and Acinipo by 14,568.


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