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READERS’ TIPS: How do you keep warm during winter in Spain?

When Olive Press intern Tallulah Taylor arrived on the Costa del Sol in December she discovered she was entirely unprepared for winter in a house better designed to keep out the summer heat.

Police warn drivers in Spain to take extra care to make sure cats are not hiding under hood during...

WHEN you open a car bonnet you expect to see the usual things - the engine, battery, wires and windscreen fluid tank. Perhaps the only...

Experts in Spain all agree masks should be worn this winter

EXPERTS in Spain have all agreed that masks should be worn this winter and would keep cold, flu, and COVID outbreaks to a minimum. Eastern...

Electricity prices in Spain rise for the fifth consecutive day

THE average daily price of electricity in Spain for the wholesale market will rise again this Friday, November 5 for the fifth consecutive day to...

Mass of polar air to hit Spain’s Malaga this Saturday—causing temperatures to plummet by up to 10ºC

THE polar air mass which settled over the Peninsula mid week, causing a progressive and sharp thermal decline across most of Spain, will hit...

Adrift in Madrid’s white weekend

IF we thought the bells on New Year’s Eve marked the end of our troubles, a historic snowfall in and around Madrid prompted a...

Spain records warmest winter this century

SPAIN has recorded its warmest winter this century so far.

EasyJet launch winter schedule early, to allow people to change their flights to a much later date

EASYJET has launched its winter 2020-21 schedule early due to coronavirus.

McDonald’s lovers in Spain go crazy for NEW Christmas McFlurry and McShake

The additions to the McDonald's seasonal menu will be rolled out across Spain and are expected to rival McDonald's UK's Maltesers Reindeer Christmas McFlurries

WINTER WONDERLAND: Andalucia’s Sierra Nevada gears up for ski season amid sub-zero temperatures

THE Sierra Nevada ski resort has officially started preparing for the festive season as temperatures drop to -6 degrees. More than 100 cannons were used...

SNOW: Tornado smashes Menorca leaving 38,000 residents without power, while two people missing in northern Spain

Over 50 trees and poles collapsed in Menorca, leaving most people without power, while two hikers are still missing in northern Spain

Spain has just won its first Winter Olympic medal in 26 years

Spain's newest hero Regino Hernández has just won a bronze medal in the snowboard cross event. Born in Ceuta and raised in Mijas Costa, the...

Cheap British holidays to Costa del Sol from €93 for a week INCLUDING flights as winter prices plummet

HOLIDAY companies are offering week long stays on the Costa del Sol for as little as £83 per person for a week, INCLUDING flights. are...

Dry eyes in the winter months

This month, the team from Specsavers explain dry eye and offer a few hints to help prevent eye soreness over the coldest months of the year

Rev up for winter

Snow may be scarce on Spain’s south coast but preparing for the (moderately) big freeze is still essential for motorists

Estepona Golf welcomes autumn with new discounts

With plenty of innovative offers to be had, there has never been a better time to visit

UPDATE: Possible loophole found in scrapping of Winter Fuel Allowance

Expats have until January 24 to overturn Winter Fuel Allowance ruling

Plummeting oil prices drive 2015 tourist boost for Spain

Some airfares already slashed by half

How to stay safe on Sierra Nevada’s slopes

All you need to know about keeping yourself and others safe while skiing or snowboarding

Sierra Nevada ski resort sees €3.1 million investment for the start of the winter season

The money will be put towards making the resort more family-friendly

Autumn leaves

Could someone please tell me why summer shuts down in Spain on September 15?

Record summer for the Sierra Nevada

The 72-day season is the longest and most affluent in history

Rain in Spain is not only falling on the plain

The first few weeks of 2014 have been the wettest since 1969

Ice and easy does it for the Junta’s snow squad

The Junta has launched its winter road maintenance plan to prepare for the coming chill

Feathered migrants arrive for winter

Winter birds to look out for

Skiers have a whale of a time in Sierra Nevada

Latest installations cause a stir





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