A POLAR jet stream is forecast to hit Spain in the next few days, bringing extremely cold weather conditions.

According to Spain’s Met office, AEMET, the unusually high temperatures for this time of year will soon come to an end in most of Andalucia, with very cold weather expected in the next few days.

As stated by meteorologists, a ‘blocking anticyclone’ has settled over Europe and is moving northwards.

This anticyclone is currently deflecting rain carrying currents in the north of Europe and favouring squalls to concentrate towards the south.

So, on the one side, Atlantic squalls will appear throughout this week in Andalucia and slowly ascend to the interior of Spain.

Meanwhile, a cold front due to a mass of polar air will bring wintry temperatures and the possibility of generalised rain in the area.

In the coming weeks these two meteorological phenomena will come together and cause a considerable drop in temperatures.

Additionally, there may be days of heavy rain accompanied by gusts of wind.

Last November saw Spain hit with anextremely cold ‘Polar Trough’ causing snow levels to drop to 900 metres in many parts of the country, and a drop in temperatures to 10ºCdegrees lower than usual.


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