AROCHE, a municipality in the Sierra de Huelva, has recorded the coldest urban temperature this Monday in Andalucia—a very chilly -4.8ºC at 8:40am.

The freezing temperature in Aroche was only surpassed by the Sierra Nevada station, which recorded -10.7ºC at 09.30am.

The Huelva town, famed for being one of the coldest towns in Andalucia, was followed by Velez Blanco-Topares (Almería), which registered -4.3ºC; Viznar (Granada), with -4.2ºC; and Valsequillo (Granada), with -4.1ºC.

Ironically, though the southern region of Spain is a veritable frying pan in the summer, when the winter sets in, sub-zero temperatures are regularly registered in parts of Andalucia.

In fact, according to recent weather stats, the coldest village in all of Spain is actually located in Granda.

The village of Dilar, nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada regularly sees icy temperatures of between -9ºC and -12ºC.


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