THE 2023 Reforestation Campaign has begun in Malaga City—and will see a total of 6,387 trees planted throughout the year.

The work will be carried out by the Parks and Gardens Service of the City Council and forms part of a four-year project lead by Perica Obras y Servicios, SA and Explotaciones La Misiones SLU for an amount of €150,000 per year.

In previous municipal reforestation campaigns, corresponding to2021 and 2022, a total of 25,000 trees were planted.

All the seedlings used will be native to the Mediterranean area and include carob, Aleppo pine, stone pine, cypress, Cartagena cypress and shrubs such as European olive, wild olive, lavender and broom.

This new campaign will also include the planting of some melliferous shrub species that will help to enhance pollination, thus promoting an increase in biodiversity, ensuring a good diversification of the plant structure and thereby generating suitable habitats for wildlife, as explained by the City Council in statement.

The reforestation campaign will be carried out in two lots.

The first will include the forest parks in the Málaga Centro, Málaga Este and Ciudad Jardín districts and will see a total of 2,637 seedlings planted with their corresponding support irrigation.

Lot 2 covers the forest parks of the Palma-Palmilla, Churriana, Campanillas and Puerto de la Torre districts where a total of 3,750 new plants, including trees and shrubs, will be introduced.

So far, work has been carried out on preparing the land, marking out the field, digging holes, placing tree protectors and installing the supporting irrigation system.


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