Furious locals in Torrox have been left bamboozled by a sign that does not make it clear if the dozens of caravans parked up in the region are there illegally or not.

As many as 44 caravans have been counted around the riverbed of the River Torrox in front of an apparent ‘no entry’ sign.

The sign, which was put up in November 2022, was intended to warn the caravan owners that they were forbidden from parking there.

Residents told the Olive Press that as of Tuesday January 24 there are as many as 85 mobile homes parked there.

Torroz Sign
What does it mean? This sign outside the zone at the mouth of the River Torrox has sparked confusion as to whether it permits or forbids caravans from parking there

The sign itself, which consists of five separate signage diagrams, seems to warn that towed caravans and mobile homes are forbidden and will be removed.

But others have interpreted it to mean that caravans are permitted to park there, underlining the confusion sewn by the sign.

The Town Hall and local police have so far ignored all pleas from local residents to take action against the caravaners. 

“Police cars occasionally drive through the area but never seem to do anything,” one resident noted.

The owners of the caravans seem to be predominantly from Germany, with a few French, Belgian and Dutch added in.

According to these owners, the site is recommended to them through word of mouth, as well as appearing in caravan parking websites.

Torrox Caravan 4
Residents have reported as many as 85 caravans parked illegally at the mouth of the River Torrox

Residents complain that many of the caravan owners have turned the riverbed and nearby bushes into a public toilet as their mobile homes are not equipped with these facilities.

They have suggested that local police could clamp the wheels of the offending vehicles and dish out fines in order to release them.

Residents of the Punta del Faro urbanisation say that they pay collectively €50,000 a year in fees and taxes for the privilege of overlooking the natural beauty spot.

While others have suggested that they just re-do the sign to make it crystal clear as to what it actually means.


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