ALICANTE City Council has joined forces with the Cruz Roja to provide extra help for homeless people during the current cold weather.

Low temperatures are expected to continue for at least week and extra accommodation is being provided.

Alicante’s social action councillor, Julia Llopis, said: “We have enabled 50 more beds by opening a second hall as an emergency shelter in the city’s homeless centre.”

“In addition to the extra places, people in need are provided with food, showers and health care plus a hygiene kit with warm clothes,” added Llopis.

Since the emergency shelter opened last week, 381 lunches, dinners and breakfasts have been provided up to Monday lunchtime in association with Cruz Roja volunteers.

It offers an overnight 8.00 am to 8.00 pm service and also opens two hours during the day to provide a hot meal.

The Cruz Roja has also expanded its street patrols through its Social Emergency Mobile Units – EMES – which provide on-site care for people.

During the patrols, people are told about the shelter which helps to offer a bridge between the street and comprehensive care services.

“The Cruz Roja actively participates as an agent of change that is involved in quality care for the homeless, helping to deliver shelter products, hot drinks and emotional support,” said Remedios Alarcon, Cruz Roja president for Alicante.

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