A 62-year-old woman was kidnapped from her Sant Llorenc home on Monday after telling a knife-wielding intruder that she had no money.

The victim was taken to a Cala Millor petrol station owned by her husband with staff chasing off the criminal.

The Guardia Civil in Manacor are now trying to find the assailant.

The burglar entered the woman’s home at around 7.45 am while she was still in bed.

He woke her up and brandished a knife which he threatened to use if she did not give him all of her money.

She gave him several items of jewellery including a valuable watch but said she had no cash in the house.

The woman tried to calm down the knifeman by saying there was plenty of money at a service station owned by her husband in Cala Millor.

He tied her hands and bundled the resident into her own car and drove to the petrol station.

On arrival, she shouted for help from the employees and the assailant fled.

The victim only suffered some light lacerations on her wrists caused by the zip ties, but was understandably in shock after what she went through.

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