POOCH owners in Coin will soon be able to take their furry friends to the town’s first recreational area specifically designed for dogs.

Construction has already begun on Coin’s first dog park, a facility of almost 1,000 square metres located in the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente urbanisation.

The specialised dog park, of 991.45 square metres, will be in the shape of an L, with two different sections.

One area will be specifically for dog and puppy socialisation and will include a sand mound and a fountain for dogs.

The other area will include an obstacle course with see-saw, ramps and other specialised furniture for dogs to play and train on.

The new space will assist in meeting the needs of dog owners in the area and will also be fitted with urban furniture including wooden benches, picnic tables, litter bins as well as other play elements installed for the dogs.


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