SPAIN is due to see several days of even lower temperatures than those it is already experiencing, as a weather front moves in from the Atlantic and a storm named Hannelore arrives. 

The mercury plummeted in the first few weeks of the year thanks to storms Gerard and Fien, with conditions expected to get warmer.

But the situation has changed, according to the AEMET state meteorological agency, and the thermometers will not rise until the end of this week. 

Monday night saw temperatures as low as -13ºC in Cerler, in the Spanish Pyrenees, and -18ºC on Aneto, which is the highest peak in the same mountain range. 

The cold air that is passing over the Iberian peninsula, however, has very little humidity, meaning that snow is unlikely in most parts of Spain. 

Rain is forecast on the Balearic Islands, which will fall as snow at altitudes of above 500 metres. Particularly heavy showers are also likely in the north of the island of Mallorca, according to Spanish press reports. 

There is also a likelihood of snow in some areas of the Valencia and Murcia regions above altitudes of 300 to 600 metres, as well as storms and hail.

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