DENIA is deploying shock tactics by getting an eagle to cut the seagull population around the city’s castle.

Lokimica- who run Denia council’s pest-control services- has spent the last three years puncturing seagull eggs to stop new birds being born in the castle.

That’s reduced their presence by around 200 but has not totally solved the problem.

Lokimica has now resorted to hiring a professional falconer who’ll bring along an eagle to show the seagulls who’s boss.

It’s hoped the bird of prey will frighten off the gulls before they lay their eggs.

The aim is to equate the castle with danger in the seagulls minds and that they find somewhere else to nest..

The eagle will be released to patrol the area three times a week for four months.

That will be split into two months each- before and after the seagull breeding season.

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