In 2022, the Costa del Sol experienced a unique phenomenon: the calima. This Saharan sandstorm left thousands of buildings and vehicles covered in mud. Clean-up services were needed for days and months to repair the damage.

Other cities and autonomous communities, such as Córdoba, Cádiz, Madrid, and Castilla León, were also affected by the calima in 2022. The Canary Islands, being closest to the Sahara, suffer these episodes more often, usually monthly.

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Will we go through another calima like this one? That’s the big question we all have.

We cannot be sure if a similar event will occur again in the short term due to the lack of meteorological predictions or certainty. However, it is clear that climate change is causing more frequent and intense weather phenomena, such as floods, fires, thaws, and storms, than in years past.

Therefore, we can venture to say that yes, it will happen again, although we cannot give a specific date.

What can we do to prevent the effects of haze?

Although we don’t know if it will happen again, there are ways to prevent haze from having such disastrous effects on our homes: the application of water repellents. Water repellents are products that, when applied to a surface, can repel dirt. For example, limescale, mud, and sand won’t be able to adhere and penetrate the surface. With the application of pressurized water, it can be removed very easily.

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If you’re reading this after having suffered from chalking in your home, we understand that you’re shocked. You could have saved yourself hours of work or money by hiring a company!

In addition, water repellents offer many benefits:

  • Repel water.
  • Reduce moisture absorption.
  • Prevent the appearance of lichen, mould, and efflorescence.
  • Improve energy efficiency of your home (reduce heating and air conditioning costs).
  • Provide a self-cleaning effect.
  • Prevent damp.

What is the top brand of paint that resists limescale?

There are numerous brands of water repellents, but proPERLA® has proven to be the most effective against Calima.

Customers have been impressed with the before-and-after photos of the effects of the haze, shared by companies and customers who have used proPERLA. Since then, many others have contacted them to apply their exterior paint on country houses, housing estates, and even luxury villas.

If you would like more information about their products, please contact Miguel Sánchez via email at or call/WhatsApp +34 655 01 01 01.

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