All of Malaga’s closed kiosks, that once sold newspapers and magazines, have become ‘nests for rats’ and will need to be removed from the city’s streets. 

This week Malaga council ordered all 95 kiosks that have been out of use for six months be removed.

If the owners do not have them taken down, the council will take matters into their own hands. 

Councillor Elisa Perez de Siles said the council ended the licenses of those that had been closed the longest time, and that many of the kiosks had been out of business for a year, or more. 

“Many are dirty and are a nest for rats,” she said. 

Current regulations state that kiosks cannot be out of business for more than six months, except in exceptional circumstances.

Following the latest move, owners of the expired licenses will have one month to respond. 

If the owners do not remove them, the council will and then pass the bill onto the owner.


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