ALORA Properties owner Margaret Mitchell moved from Scotland to Spain in 1997 and has worked in the real estate sector since then selling to both Northern Europeans and Spanish clients and fully embracing and enjoying her life integrated into the Spanish community.

She now helps others to fulfill their ambition to buy either a permanent home or a holiday home in Sunny Spain.

She is particularly helping others who aspire to live in one of the most picturesque valleys in Spain, the Guadalhorce valley.

Álora Properties specialise in the sale of homes in the area known as the ‘Valle del Sol’.

The area is well connected by train; ” if you want to go to Malaga city or along the coast as far as Fuengirola there is a reliable rail service,” Margaret said.

“The pace of life here is magical, it feels like living in a real community.

“You have all the amenities you need even though you’re in a small town  and Álora is also a great base to visit the rest of Andalucía with  Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla all less than two hours away.”

Álora Properties has been operating since 1998 and recently moved offices to Plaza Fuente Arriba 5.

Margaret said the relationships she and her two staff members had with clients have always extended past the final purchase of a home.

“We are an after-sale service as well – we’re here, we all live here,” she said.

“It’s not just a case where we sell a property and that’s the end of the  relationship” “It even happened one day when someone came to me with a brown paper bag  with false teeth inside and they asked me where they could go to fix  them – we sold that person a home four years previously!”

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