A SPANISH sergeant accused of shooting and killing a Mallorquin legionnaire during a training exercise is facing a possible 34 years in jail.

The family of the fallen legionary, Alejandro Jiménez Cruz, are demanding the severe jail sentence as well as a fine of €14,400 and a ban from public office for Sergeant Saúl Antonio Guil.

They also want €1.5 million in compensation from the army for the parents, and a further €150,000 each for both grandmothers.

The potential jail time includes 25 years for aggravated homicide, four years for recklessness and another five years for obstruction of justice in attempting to cover up the incident.

Guil is accused of shouting ‘enemy at the front’ and firing the fatal shot from the top of a mound during the live fire training exercise on March 25, 2019, at the Agost shooting range in Alicante.

Legionnaire Alejandro Jiménez Cruz, who was shot and killed in a training exercise in 2019, with his father

Cruz, who was 21 at the time of his death, was hit from just 12.5 metres away. 

Eight military personnel are being investigated in the case, although only the sergeant and his captain, the superior officer in charge, are facing prosecution.

The lead prosecutor has accused Guil of ‘reckless and negligent behaviour’ and had ‘endangered his men’ by extending the exercise contrary to instructions.

The 21-year-old legionnaire was hit by a bullet fired from his sergeant’s rifle, according to forensic experts.

Guil has denied responsibility, claiming the bullet must have ricocheted off the ground in a tragic accident. 

But the prosecution hit back that it was ‘clearly’ determined that the fatal shot was ‘a direct shot and not a ricochet’ from a bullet fired by another platoon. 

The captain in charge was also facing charges of trying to cover up the incident, but this was dropped in favour of showing ‘real favouritism’ towards Sargeant Guil.


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