POLICE in Gibraltar explained more about how the new airport tunnel will work to commuters and residents ahead of its opening on March 31.

The long-delayed tunnel will direct traffic from a roundabout at the end of Devil’s Tower Road down a slipway into the tunnel.

Drivers will then appear at the other side driving through a new dual carriageway to the Customs commercial area and airport.

They will then join the old frontier queue after they pass under the airport.

The Royal Gibraltar Police tweeted about the ‘Important Airport Tunnel Information’.

“At 00:01 this Friday 31 March, the tunnel will open to all vehicular traffic,” said the RGP on Twitter.

“For more information, scan the QR code on the attached poster.”

All motorised traffic including cars, vans, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and motorcycles will need to use the tunnel.

Pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooter and mobility scooter users can either use a subway at Eastern Beach or cross the runway as before.

If a queue forms at the border with Spain, as is often the case, controllers will block off access to the tunnel with barriers.

This will then prevent people being static in the tunnel during border delays.

The government said that frontier pass holders will still have queue-free access to Spain in the event of border delays.

Authorities issue the passes to people travelling in a car with disabilities who do not want to go through the ordeal of long waits in their vehicles.

These frontier pass holders will join the lane to Gibraltar International Airport when there is a border queue.

But the government warned people with disabilities these passes need to be valid and will only be able to be used on the Gibraltar side of the frontier.


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