EL Corte Inglés and BIOPARC Fuengirola have renewed their collaboration for the donation of surplus fruit and vegetables. 

Department stores in Malaga that belong to the high-end Spanish chain will continue to donate food that is on the turn to the conservation center. 

Over the past year, El Corte Inglés has provided the biopark with over 16,000 kilos of food, which is used as part of the daily diets of the animals in the park. 

This joint collaboration promotes sustainable actions, reduces waste and extends the life cycle of food. 

The Zoology team collects the food twice a week and prepares personalised menus for different animal species according to their dietary needs.

El Corte Ingles
Zoology team collecting fruit and veg from El Corte Ingles

In total there are nearly 150 different diets which add up to a total of 100 kilos of food per day. 

In the winter, menus include broths and a wide range of seasonal vegetables while in summer, soups are often switched out for ice cream. 

Much like humans, an unbalanced diet can lead to serious health issues amongst the animals, these include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, reproductive difficulties, cancer and in worst case scenarios, death. For this reason the kitchen at the BIOPARC is a crucial part of their work where great lengths are taken to ensure that animals are fed accordingly. 

BIOPARC Fuengirola is dedicated to conserving endangered species and participates in numerous conservation programs worldwide.

Gorilas1 Bioparcf
A gorilla enjoys a red pepper


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