A NEW book about Emeritus King Juan Carlos claims that he fathered a daughter during an extra-marital relationship in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The explosive revelation comes from journalists Jose Maria Olmo and David Fernandez in ‘King Corp’ which investigates the former monarch’s businesses and friendships.

They allege that Juan Carlos had a relationship with an aristocrat that was older than him and she gave birth to a girl called Alejandra.

She is now married and has a child, and has never claimed any succession rights from her father.

An official Royal palace spokesman refused to comment on the story and suggested any questions on the matter should be directed to Juan Carlos.

There has been no comment from the Emeritus King who flew back to his Abu Dhabi home this week after visiting Spain to take part in a sailing regatta.

The book says that the Royal Household has long been aware of Alejandra and that Juan Carlos was concerned that the future king, Felipe, might meet her and fall in love with her.

When Alejandra was told who her father was, a period of contact between father and daughter took place with the book’s authors saying that he tried to compensate her lack of official recognition with ‘affection and other signs of generosity’.

Journalists Maria Olmo and Fernandez confirmed the story through three different sources including a former boyfriend of Alejandra and a businessman who has been a close friend of Juan Carlos for 60 years who witnessed the Emeritus King with his daughter.

The matter became an ‘open secret’ but the book says that a ‘pact of silence’ was maintained to preserve the image of a perfect marriage between Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

Some sources said that Juan Carlos ‘pulled strings’ to ensure that Alejandra’s mother was not sure of work and had a strong media presence as she frequently appeared in gossip magazines.

She allegedly became romantically attached to a famous fashion designer.


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