FORMER KING of Spain – and Abu Dhabi resident –  Juan Carlos I is reportedly thinking of acquiring a property in Sanxenxo (Galicia). 

The father of King Felipe VI is enjoying his time in the north of Spain, where he was going to take part in a boat regatta that ended up being cancelled due to the bad weather conditions.

This is Juan Carlos’ second visit to Spain since fleeing to the United Arab Emirates capital in August 2020 after being involved in a scandal over a large hidden fortune.

Now the former monarch has told the Spanish Royal House he intends to start visiting the country more frequently. 

And he is believed to be looking for a property near the coast of Sanxenxo where he can maintain his privacy. 

Juan Carlos I is currently staying at the villa of his close friend Pedro Campos.

But owning a property would allow the former monarch to have more privacy and comfort during the regatta seasons.

It is believed he will be back in Galicia to compete in another sailing competition on June 9.

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