‘THE threat of cyber attack is growing’ for both private and public sectors, a government minister said at a recent internet security conference.

Minister for Digital and Financial Services Albert Isola gave the welcoming address at the conference at Grand Battery House this week.

“Today, all Government organisations and private businesses live with the threat of a cyber attack irrespective of their size,” he told delegates.

Gibraltar Finance and the UK law firm Weightmans co-hosted the cyber security meet last Wednesday.

Speakers from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, the UK’s National Crime Agency and London’s specialist cyber security team at Price Waterhouse Coopers shared their knowledge.

Isola pre-recorded his address as he travelled back from Poland.

“The threat of a cyber attack is growing and it is important that we continue to seek ways to stop future attacks,” the minister said.

“Equally important is how we react to an attack when it is occurring and how we deal with the consequences of an attack after the event.”

He emphasized the how the participation of UK law enforcement agencies had influenced the Rock’s approach too.

“In Gibraltar we recently established a National Cyber Command to develop Gibraltar’s cyber security strategy,” Isola said.

“I am pleased that some of the people involved in this initiative together with members of the Government’s IT Department attended the conference.”

Michael Ashton, Senior Executive represented Gibraltar Finance at the conference.

The British overseas territory has a strong IT department that has made sure to keep it safe from serious cyber attacks so far.

But the danger is always close by as Chief Minister Fabian Picardo found out recently when his Twitter account was hacked.


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