YOUNG Brits are fleeing the UK in their droves this weekend ‘to escape the King’s coronation’ – and Spain is one of their top getaways.

Short-haul jaunts to a host of Spanish hotspots are up as much as 400% over the coronation weekend.

Demand for trips to Benidorm, Barcelona and Ibiza has rocketed – with one travel firm revealing staff have specifically said they want to escape the coronation.

Marbella and Madrid have also seen a bump in bookings from Brits as Spain remains their number destination of choice.

Benidorm will host almost twice as many stag parties as anywhere else in Europe this weekend, according to industry data.

Elsewhere in Spain, trips to Barcelona have rocketed by a staggering 400 per cent.

One tourism firm, Last Night of Freedom, reported that jaunts to some short-haul locations have quadrupled year-on-year.

Comparatively, bookings to London – where Charles will be crowned – have plummeted ahead of the lavish ceremony

It comes amid YouGov polling which shows young Brits don’t rate Charles as a king.

“One best man told our staff that the idea of being in Britain made him miserable,”  said the firm’s Managing Director, Matt Mavir.

“He said if he didn’t have a stag do to plan, he’d have just hopped on the first plane he could find and fly back Tuesday morning for work.”

YouGov data shows a definite divide towards the Royal Family in younger adults. 

While overall, 60% of the public believe the monarchy to be good for Britain, that falls notably among adults aged under 49.

And polling released just this week shows that just 12% of adults aged between 18-24 think that Charles will make a good king – compared to a whopping 44% who think he won’t.


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