PROFESSIONAL actors from UK’s Young Shakespeare Company will be performing Hamlet for over 2,000 schoolchildren in Gibraltar during mid-May.

Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS) has partnered with the John Mackintosh Educational Trust to bring the talented UK troupe to the Rock.

Apart from performing Hamlet all week from May 15-19, they will also put on a workshop to give young dramatists an opportunity to work with professional actors.

Christopher Geelan will direct the Young Shakespeare Company while in Gibraltar.

Minister for Culture John Cortes, himself a former dramatist, welcomed the company to Gibraltar.

“I am very pleased to see the Young Shakespeare Company back in Gibraltar, making the work of Shakespeare accessible and enjoyable for our youngsters,” Cortes said.

“We can never do enough to engage children in works of literature, and this is a wonderful serious yet fun way of doing so.”

The Young Shakespeare Company (YSC) will perform at the John Mackintosh Hall theatre while on the Rock.

Company Director Geelan will lead the workshop for students along with a crop of the actors taking part in the performances.

A GCS spokesperson said it believes the visit ‘will lead to greater involvement of young people in the dramatic arts and improve their understanding of classical literature’.

The YSC performs for 100,000 children every years in over 800 schools across the UK.

Started in 1988, it approaches Shakespeare in a way young people can understand, making it interactive and visually entertaining.

Apart from Gibraltar, the YSC has performed internationally for young people in China, Kuwait and Spain.


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