POLICE have warned that Costa Blanca drug dealers may be trying to sell a synthetic narcotic named ‘Alpha’ that prove fatal to users.

A small pack with 100 grams of the lethal substance was seized by the Policia Nacional and two men arrested at one of their homes in Villajoyosa, which acted as a local drugs distribution point.

A variety of drugs were removed including steroids used by bodybuilders and 215 erectile dysfunction pills.

The major concern revolved around ‘Alpha’- also known as ‘Flakka’- which is a synthetic drug with its psychoactive compound producing stimulant effects.

Consumption can lead to acute poisoning and even death.

A serious concern is that it retails at a lower price than cocaine and that’s leading to an uptake in usage.

Traffickers sell it in the form of a white powder, different-coloured jelly beans, or even as a liquid substance.

In Spain there have been two known cases of acute poisoning due to ‘Alpha’ and three people died from it in the middle of the previous decade.


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