THE unseasonal hot and dry spring weather of the past few weeks will give way to colder temperatures along with rain, sleet and snow showers weather experts warn.

The intense heat of these last weeks could take a ‘radical turn’, according to the weather portal Meteored.

As of today, Wednesday May 10, temperatures are forecast to plummet, with areas of Spain at risk of ‘intense rains and storms’ and even snow at ‘not very high levels.’ as reported by the specialist weather portal.

On Friday, a pocket of cold air will move across the north of the peninsula, which in turn will leave strong storms in the Mediterranean area.

Temperatures will continue to fall, especially in inland areas.

In the Cantabrian Mountains, the Central System, the Sierra Nevada and the Iberian System, up to half a metre of snow could fall.

As for the weekend, there is still no clear information, but “it seems that the pocket of cold air at altitude will move into the Mediterranean, with the flow from the north persisting” as stated by Meteored.

Saturday will continue with storms in the east of the peninsula and the rains will be persistent on the Cantabrian slope and in the Pyrenees.


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