HERE at White Design Company, we have many clients with busy lifestyles. Let’s face it, who wants to spend precious holiday time going from shop to shop, selecting furnishings and decoration for their new or existing property? And then coordinating the delivery or fitting?That’s why we are here to help.

Most of our work takes place when you, the owner, are back in your home country. You can turn the key when you arrive, assured of a relaxing holiday. 

Our experienced staff will help with your bespoke furniture package, largely by email, allowing you to avoid any stress. Whether your favoured look is contemporary, classical or a minimalistic Scandinavian design – to name a few ideas – we’ll create a package to suit your tastes.

We’re frequently asked, at the start of the design process, how much a package will cost. This really depends on your budget, as well as the quality and style you’re seeking. With some elements, you should consider spending a bit more to allow for comfort and longevity. With others, you can economise.

We can boost your chosen look with inexpensive, decorative pieces – such as pictures, and mirrors. These will stand the test of time and keep the cost down. Together with your larger items, we can install a few decorative pieces for you to see ‘in situ’ before committing to their purchase.

Remember that White Design Company can provide everything you desire, from your sofa to one-off curtains and bedding. Bespoke doesn’t need to be expensive!

We look forward to helping you soon.

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