SARDINES are not a dish exclusive to Malaga, but the way they are prepared is and considered almost an art for many Malagueños.

The preparation of a classic espeto (sardine skewer) is actually very simple, and comes from a technique invented in the late nineteenth century in the neighborhood of El Palo in Malaga.

A tradition that has hardly changed ever since and involves grilling sardines on a cane skewer over the heat of an open wood fire and is considered one of the three best street foods in the world.

The question is, where to eat the best espetos in Malaga?

Skewers of sardines and of other fish and mollusks can be eaten in bars of almost all the coastal towns of Malaga, however, according to the prestigious gastronomic website, Taste Atlas, the best chiringuitos to eat this typical Malaga dish are the following:

1. Miguelito El Cariñoso
2. Chiringuito María
3. El Tintero
4. Marbal-la
5. El Cordobes
6. Restaurant Casa Lucas
7. Restaurant El Caleño
8. Chiringuito El Cachalote
9. Chiringuito El Madero
10. Chiringuito Siesú


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