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Can you get dental implants in Valencia in one day?

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Thanks to immediate loading, it is possible for patients to get dental implants and show off a healthy and beautiful set of teeth on the same day. A widely endorsed technique with excellent success rates when conducted by skilled and experienced specialists.

For almost 30 years, the Dental Clinic IDIM in Valencia has been caring for its patients’ dental health. Its multidisciplinary staff, scholarly publications on the matter, rigorous training, and extensive expertise have enabled it to establish itself as a clinic specializing in immediate loading of dental implants.

Idim 403

Immediate loading: dental implants in a day

Immediate loading of dental implants offers a distinct advantage over conventional loading: immediate loading allows for the placement of a fixed prosthesis on the implants immediately after surgery or within a maximum of 24–48 hours. As a result, the patient does not get to be and see himself without his teeth, thus greatly reducing the impact on a psychological level.

Immediately loaded implants have a success rates equivalent to conventional loading. It is, however, regarded as a sophisticated implantology procedure, and it is critical that it be performed by experienced and fully qualified specialists who also have the necessary tools.

What exactly is an immediate loading treatment?

Dental implants take approximately 2 months to osseointegrate. Conventional loading means waiting that long before the new teeth can be fabricated and placed in the patient’s mouth. This forces the patient to be edentulous or to use removable provisional prostheses that are often uncomfortable.

In contrast, immediate loading involves taking the necessary records and fabricating a provisional fixed prosthesis very quickly to place it within the first 24-48 hours after surgery.

The following are the essential conditions for immediate loading:

1) When inserting the implants, aim for excellent primary stability. This is determined by the patient’s bone quality and the surgeon’s surgical expertise.

2) Excellent communication and coordination between the dental clinic and the laboratory. In this regard, having clear protocols and the appropriate digital technology helps to accelerate and simplify the processes to be able to give predictable, successful results with immediate loading.

When immediate loading is performed, a temporary resin prosthesis is always used. The patient should eat soft foods during osseointegration because, while the implants are stable, the bone requires time to grow and mineralize.

The therapy concludes after 2-3 months with the making of the final ceramic prosthesis. However, the temporary prosthesis is not only beneficial during those months, but it will also act as a “rescue” so that if the final prosthesis fails one day, the patient will not have to go toothless while the problem is resolved.

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Dr. Peñarrocha, specialist in dental implantology in Valencia

Dr. Miguel Peñarrocha, a specialist in dental implantology, serves as a scientific advisor to the IDIM dental clinic. He has over 35 years of clinical and teaching experience, as well as over 500 research publications.

To ensure the success of the immediate loading therapy, IDIM conducts a thorough examination of each patient, which they share with the dental laboratory. They customize each treatment for each patient; in this way, the provisional prosthesis may be put in place in 24 hours, and the outcome is comfortable and esthetic.

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