THE terral wind that swept into Malaga yesterday, Tuesday May 30, will remain for most of today and leave the Capital of the Costa del Sol with balmy highs of 28ºC.

Although it may seem that summer is here to stay with warm westerly winds blowing along the coast and warming-up the area considerably during its trajectory, as of tomorrow, Thursday, the weather will once again change.

According to Spain’s Met Office, AEMET, the westerly winds will be replaced by easterly winds. As a result, temperatures will drop by about 5ºC to highs between 23ºC and 25ºC, with a 10% chance of rain.

The likelihood of rain extends through the weekend and there may be moderate showers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Although the heaviest showers are more likely to occur in the interior of the province, there is also the possibility of showers anywhere in the province, including the coast.

Looking ahead, after a month of May that started out warm and is ending with precipitation, it’s likely that the weather in June will be similar to May, but in reverse, with rainy days to commence the sixth month of the year followed by sultry summer weather.


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