If you like travelling the world and exploring new things, Egypt should be on your bucket list. This country features numerous modern and ancient treasures, attracting tourists from all walks of life.

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Before you visit the country, ensure you get a valid Egypt visa so you can visit all corners of the country freely and discover all the unique treasures.

This article highlights some of the treasures you’re likely to see when you visit Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

The conglomerations of Giza should be at the top of your list when you visit Egypt. According to exploration, they’re among the Seven prodigies of the ancient world remaining.

Located in the Giza Plateau, this tourist destination features three unique pyramids containing the tombs of some of Egypt’s ancient Pharaohs. They’re popularly known for their unique architectural style and enormous sizes.

The tallest pyramid among the three is the Pyramid of Khufu, sometimes known as The Great Pyramid. It’s approximately 138 metres high, and you can access it through the Robber’s Tunnel. The pyramid also contains a limestone Sphinx structure, which makes it unique.


Saqqara is an old village in Egypt featuring small and large satellite pyramids scattered across a desert plateau. This village served as a cemetery for the historic city of Memphis, making it one of the largest archaeological sites in the country. Previously, this area was covered by sand, but it was dug out, revealing the treasures underneath.

The main highlight of visiting this place is that you’ll get to see the Step Pyramid of Djoser, one of the oldest pyramids in the world. This pyramid’s summit offers some of the best Nile views, and you can access it through the wooden stairway. You can also try to open the numerous wooden doors and explore what’s behind them for a chance to encounter other hidden treasures.

Valley of Kings

The Valley of Kings on the West bank of the river Nile served as the main burial ground for many New Kingdom pharaohs, including Tutankhamun and Amenhotep.

Most people like visiting this tourist attraction site during international trips to Egypt since it’s one of the largest outdoor museums in the world, but it can also be haunting. Although the area contains several tombs, only 63 have been excavated, and not all are accessible to tourists. One of the most important things you should keep in mind when you visit the area is that you need to pay separate entry charges to see Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Egypt is a beautiful country featuring ancient history, breathtaking architecture, and a rich cultural history. Whether you wish to uncover the mysteries of the past or delight in the vibrancy of the present, visit the country and discover numerous unique attractions.

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