SPAIN’S State Meteorological Agency(Aemet) says there’s a high probability of a hot summer which will be among the warmest in recent decades.

Aemet spokesperson, Ruben del Campo, said: “This summer we will have troughs or pockets of cold air that will give us a breather but despite this, projections point again to a summer that is warmer than normal’.

Weather modelling shows above average rainfalls over the summer months which will provide a respite from potentially suffocating temperatures.

“There’s a probability of between 50% and 70% that the summer of 2023 will be one of the hottest since 1993,” said Del Campo.

“The last three of the four seasons have been the warmest which we are not used to and it is not normal,” warned the Aemet spokesperson.

The last to receive this dubious award was spring with the meteorological summer starting on. June 1.

“Despite the rain,” reveals Del Campo, “it has not been the historically driest thanks to the last few days of May”

The meteorological spring of 2023 ended with an average temperature of 14.2ºC- up by 1.8C on average values.

The rainfall and storms that occurred in the last days of May ‘have improved soil moisture, but the situation of meteorological drought continues’, added Ruben del Campo.

This produces a continuous shortage of rainfall and is the one that gives rise to the remaining types of drought and usually affects large areas.

.”The indices are negative in all Spanish provinces and especially worrisome are the figures on prolonged drought over 36 months, and, above all, in the southern third and in the north-east of Spain,” he analysed.

“Once a decade we have a long-term drought and this summer is not going to improve the situation,” concluded Del Campo.


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