IN 2023, many people, especially the younger generations, are trying to sell a home through social media or online marketing.

After a few weeks, they often come to the conclusion that they are not reaching their target group. Furthermore, selling a home is not something you do every week. Most individuals do this no more than once or twice in their lives, so they have little or no experience in such negotiations.

Building promoters for their part often have an internal sales department, but certainly during the early years they do not yet have an extensive file of potential customers.

Remax Laurens Van Noten Remax
Laurens Van Noten

For all the reasons mentioned above, approximately 82.7% of sellers (eventually) count on the services of a real estate agency in Estepona.

Firstly, this creates more security and safety for them. In a private sale, the selling party often does not know who is coming over and can also be confronted with dubious practices. Other sellers give an interested buyer an option for a period of time until it turns out that the potential buyer does not have the resources to finance the transaction.

Real estate agencies have added value for both parties. They supervise the home visits and take care of the integral administrative process, which relieves both buyer and seller. They are also skilled in conducting very specific negotiations.

This often results in a compromise that works out better for the seller than hoped for, and which immediately earns back the commission for the real estate agency. Thanks to the intervention of the real estate office, the buyer can often negotiate more interesting conditions with banks and renovation contractors. 

Building promoters who join forces with a real estate agency often see their properties sold faster, because such agencies have a broad customer base of people looking for a home.

Making a name

LAURENS Van Noten and his team set up RE/MAX Dream Home Estepona in 2022. The young entrepreneurs managed to make a name for themselves in the real estate market in Estepona and the surrounding area in no time.

“We continue to invest in innovations and guarantee fair and market-based valuations. To this end, we developed an application that calculates the value of a property based on a number of parameters and presents the estimate in a clear report.

This quickly provides the customer with a transparent and correct estimate,” explained Laurens.

“Remax Dream Home now has 12 agents from Sotogrande to Marbella. At the beginning of this year we also started a partnership with Real Estate agents in England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. This is mainly done at the request of customers.”


Telephone: 0034 711 053 974

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