MALAGA was drenched last week by Storm Oscar which brought much-needed widespread rain to the province.

While the recent rains haven’t had a significant impact on the drought, the horizon does look a little brighter—or rather ‘wetter’—for local farmers, especially grape-growers where the downpours have come as a welcome boost for vineyards in the area.

According to Jose Maria Losantos, the President of the Regulatory Council of Malaga, the rainfall had been especially beneficial in the Axarquía area, the main wine-producing area in Malaga and an area with very special soil characteristics where it usually rains less than in other areas.

Additionally there is a significant presence of vineyards in the Serranía de Ronda, where the rainfall has also brought a significant respite for the grapevines.

It is hoped the recent soaking will aid to ‘fatten the grapes’ and see a good 2023 harvest.

The grape harvest in Malaga province last year yielded around 50% less than in 2021 due to the heat and drought conditions.


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